Court rules in Hendricks School District’s favor

March 1, 2013

Hendricks and Ivanhoe Districts to go into arbitration following ruling in favor of Hendricks School District

By Tammy Mathison

The Hendricks School District received notice that their Motion to Compel Arbitration was granted and judgment was in their favor. The notice of the order filed by the State of Minnesota Lincoln County Fifth Judicial District Court was dated Feb. 13, 2013.
In late 2012, the ISD No. 402 Hendricks Public Schools (Hendricks) filed suit against ISD No. 403 Ivanhoe Public Schools (Ivanhoe). The suit refers to the Interdistrict Cooperation Agreement between Hendricks and Ivanhoe in which Hendricks would provide instruction for pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students residing in both Hendricks and Ivanhoe, and Ivanhoe would provide instruction for seventh through 12th grade students residing in both Hendricks and Ivanhoe.

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