Norwegian language researchers visit with Hendricks residents

December 1, 2016

Caroline Peterson, left, gets acquainted with linguist Yvonne van Baal.

By Violet Nelson

A team of five researchers from the University of Oslo visited with many area speakers of the Norwe­gian language.
Over 6,500 languages are spo­ken throughout the world. Each language allows people to commu­nicate thoughts, emotions, ideas and feelings. Languages change over time, though the changes may be subtle. An English speaker from the year 1300 A.D. would require a translator to understand an English speaker from today.
Languages are vital to our exis­tence and they’re worthy of study. Five Norwegian linguists recently stopped by Hendricks to research the usage of the Norwegian lan­guage brought here by our im­migrant ancestors. The team was led by Janne Bondi Johannessen, a professor at the University of Oslo in Norway.

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