Family has unusual similarities

July 13, 2017

bucholz DSC01077
Pictured in front are Harvey and Delores Buchholz; behind them, from the oldest sibling to the youngest, are Mark and Diane Johnson, April and Kelly (Koerper) Buchholz, Cindy and Jerry Larson, Mike and Julie (Milton) Buchholz, Kim and Dave Nelson, and Kevin Buchholz.

By Violet Nelson

Harvey Buchholz knew she was “the one” 60-plus years ago when he started dating Delores Janes.
Next year, the couple will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary by renewing their marriage vows at Christ Lutheran Church in Hendricks.
Throughout the years, the family has encountered many unusual similarities.
They raised six chil­dren, all born in a boy-girl pattern. The siblings all married in order of their ages. They all married sig­nificant others whose last names began with letters in alphabetical order.

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