Hendricks local knew famed actor Jerry Lewis personally

September 7, 2017

laura rue photo
In the photo above, taken by Laura Rue in 2008, are Jerry Lewis, Collin (Colly) Koepp, and Colly’s Uncle Frank. Colly is the grandson of Laura Rue of Hendricks.

By Violet Nelson

Over the course of time, movie stars are idolized, hearts throb, and voices scream at singers and band groups. We can only imagine how it would be to actually meet our heart throb in person.
Alot of us growing up in the Jerry Lewis/Dean Marten 1950s and 1960s era loved Lewis’ ability to make people laugh. He was one of a kind.
Laura Rue of Hendricks lived in Las Vegas, Nevada from 2002 until 2016. She stayed with her son Colin, and babysat her grand­son Colin Jr. (Colly), who is now ten years old. She got to know Lewis per­sonally.

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laura rue photo(1)
Laura Rue of Hendricks, who knew Jerry Lewis.