It’s all in the family

September 7, 2017

everts IMG_3014
Megan and her mother Sharon Evert will be working together in the Special Education Department at Hendricks Public School.

By Tammy Mathison

After 27 years teaching in the classroom, Sharon Evert is try­ing something new this year, and she will be doing it with her daughter Megan by her side. The pair will be following in Sharon’s mother Lois Johnson’s footsteps, who was a Special Education teacher at Hendricks Public School for many years before her retirement.
Earlier this year, Sharon re­tired from her position as class­room teacher. “I had qualified for early retirement in June, and I decided to take that opportu­nity,” said Sharon. “But I love teaching and didn’t want to give it up, and said that I would be back.”

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