Council considering new water meters

February 8, 2018

city IMG_6015
The Hendricks City Council is considering replacing all of the water meters in town.

By Tammy Mathison

City Maintenance Manager Kevin Huber spoke to the Hendricks City Council on Monday evening during their regular meeting about the water meters currently in use in Hendricks. There are two types of residential meters, which are good for 10-14 years. “After that, the accuracy goes downhill,” said Huber. “These are the city’s cash registers,” said Huber, pointing to two meters he had brought to show the council. “This is how the city gets paid.” Huber pointed out that the majority of meters in Hendricks have reached their lifetime limit and are in need of replacement. City Administrator David Blees estimates the loss of revenue from inaccurate meters to be at least 10 percent. “At our current rates, if we were able to capture just 10 percent of what we are not able to bill due to inaccurate meters, the revenue generated would be about $25,000 per year,” said Blees.

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