Bullet holes found in City Hall

March 8, 2018

bullet hole IMG_6252
The front doors of City Hall remain boarded up after a vandal shot at the doors and building repeatedly sometime between Friday evening and Saturday morning. In the photo, one can see the glass on the ground, a mark from a bullet on the left side of the photo and on the right side, a bullet hole in the glass can be seen.

By Tammy Mathison

Damage resulting from an unknown person or persons shooting the City Hall building in Hendricks was discovered Saturday morning by City Administrator David Blees.
Blees said he arrived at City Hall around 7:30 a.m. Monday with plans to get some work done. The condition of the office was not, however, as he had left it. “There was dust all over the place,” said Blees. Looking around, he then noticed the front doors had been shattered. After notifying the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department of the vandalism, he then, being careful not to disturb anything, went out the back door around to the front of the building to examine the damage. It was then he noticed the bullet holes in the front door.

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