Grizzlies in Elkton-Lake Benton FCA’s All-Star Games

March 29, 2018

FCA IMG_8218
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) All-Star Sunday was held in Elkton, South Dakota on March 25. Greta Johnson (pictured second from right in front) represented the Hendricks Grizzlies in the Girls Senior Game. Johnson, along with girls from Elkton-Lake Benton, Colman-Egan, Deubrook, Flandreau, and Sioux Valley entertained the crowd at the annual event. The teams were coached by members of the SDSU Jackrabbit FCA.

By Grizzly Sportswrit­ers

The 22nd Area All- Star Games were held in Elkton, South Dakota on March 25. The annual games are sponsored by the Elkton-Lake Benton Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
The days’ events includ­ed a Coaches Game, Girls Senior Game, Boys Senior Game, Slam Dunk Contest, the Dakota Sports 3-Point Shootout, as well as draw­ings, prizes, music and competitions for the fans.

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FCA IMG_8189
Freshman Kaylee Johnson represents Hendricks High School at the 3-point shootout held at the FCA All-Star Games.