Siverson’s Bliss Boutique and Decor is more than just gifts now

March 29, 2018

bliss boutique jessica IMG_6719
Jessica Siverson, owner of Bliss Boutique.

By Tammy Mathison

The gift department at Siver­son’s Pharmacy is changing its name to Bliss Boutique and Dé­cor.
Jessica Siverson, who has managed the gift side since 2008, said the layout of the store is not changing, neither are the people or hours—just the name for now. This sum­mer a new dressing room and some repainting will happen. The reason for the change, Jes­sica said, is that “we’ve become so much more than just gifts.” When people see the new name, Bliss (a sign is coming soon), they will see boutique and dé­cor and understand there is clothing, purses, jewelry, etc., and not just gifts. “Siverson’s Pharmacy and Gifts didn’t ex­plain all that we have to offer,” said Jessica.

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