Lake Hendricks a destination on epic fishing quest for Cayden

April 5, 2018

Thirteen-year-old Cayden Hutmacher is a Grand Master angler who is returning to Lake Hendricks and Lake Benton. He’s pictured with a round whitehouse, the 50th species of fish he’s caught in Minnesota.

By Violet Nelson

Cayden Hutmacher is considered one of Min­nesota’s greatest anglers, and he’s busily planning his return trip to the lakes of Lincoln County. Cayden is a four-time Grand Mas­ter Fisherman, the state’s highest fishing accom­plishment. He holds a state record for a largest fish. He’s likely to become the first fisherman to have caught 63 fish species na­tive to Minnesota. Yet the most amazing thing about Cayden is his age. He’s just 13 years old.
Cayden has always loved to fish, and he excels at it. Minnesota’s highest fish­ing honor is to become a Grand Master Fisherman…

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