Campground cabins proving popular

June 7, 2018

cabin IMG_8368
Cabin No. 1 at the Hendricks Campground is in use as of Memorial Weekend.

By Tammy Mathison

During the Monday, June 4 meeting of the Hendricks City Council, City Administrator David Blees told the council he had been contacted by Hendricks Fire Chief Dustin Hauschild, who has received inquiries about whether the Fire Department fills pools. Blees said the Fire Department has decided that they will fill pools this summer for a fee, and the price of $20 had been discussed. Blees said filling pools would be a good community service, and it would get the trucks “out there.” Council members were in agreement, however, they questioned if the $20 rate would be enough to cover the cost of water, mentioning that pools vary in size. It was decided that a base rate of $20 would be charged, with room to charge more as the firemen see fit.

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