Unusual sighting in Hendricks

October 4, 2018

seaplane 0922181407
Joe Birkemeyer and son Colin Birkemeyer of Brainerd flew to Hendricks by seaplane last week, to attend grandmother Norma Siverson’s 100th birthday celebration. Joe’s wife and daughter drove to Hendricks by car.

By Violet Nelson

It took Joe and Colin Birkemeyer one and a half hours to fly by sea­plane from Brainerd to Hendricks on Friday night, Sept. 21, to attend Grandma Norma Siverson’s 100th birthday party on Sept. 22. It took Joe’s wife and daughter about five hours to come by car.
While Hendricks does not have an airport, it does have a nice big lake. A lake was all Joe and Colin were looking for when landing in Hendricks. The six-seater, high wing seaplane landed around 7:15 p.m., just in time to dine out at Cedric’s.

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seaplane 0922181222
On Friday night, Sept. 21 at dusk, a seaplane landed on the shores of Lake Hendricks. Joe Birkemeyer and his son Colin Birkemeyer of Brainerd stepped out of it.