General election results for 2018; Meester retains sheriff’s position

November 15, 2018

Julie Hogie Hendricks
Hendricks Mayor Julie Hogie

By Shelly Finzen

The 2018 general election was labeled the “most important midterm in history,” by many media sites. The results of the various races were surprising to some, and expected by others.
Locally, in the U.S. Senate race, Republican Jim Newberger beat incumbent Democrat Amy Klobuchar in a very close race. Newberger earned 49.96 per­cent of the Lincoln County votes while Klobuchar earned 47.94 percent of the votes. Dennis Schuller gained 1.69 percent and Paula Overby obtained 0.41 per­cent of the Lincoln County votes. Statewide, Klobuchar retained her Senate seat, gaining 60.31 percent over Newberger’s 36.21 percent.

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sheriff cand meester
Sheriff Chad Meester