Local voting on Election Day

November 15, 2018

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The voting process went well on Tuesday, Nov. 6, with a strong percentage of voters in both Hendricks and neighboring Astoria, South Dakota. Election judges for the City of Hendricks, Hendricks Township and Shaokatan Township are Denise Fossen of the City of Hendricks and Robin Nuese of Hendricks Township, pictured at the front table. Pictured front to back at the long table are Gloria Mueller of the City of Hendricks, Jim Moravetz and Jim Ross of Hendricks Township, and Jim Eidem, Brett Johnson and Dale Dwire of Shaokatan Township.

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Election judges for the City of Astoria and Scandinavian Township in South Dakota, left to right, are Sonya Hanson of Scandinavian Township, Janice Engelstad of the City of Astoria, and Beverly Johnson of Scandinavian Township.