Hendricks School Board approves levy

December 26, 2018

Hendricks board member Nick Citterman was presented a plaque in honor of his years of service by Superintendent Bruce Houck at Citterman’s final meeting.

By Mark Wilmes

Daryl Kanthak of Meulebroek, Taubert & Co. of Pipestone was on hand at last week’s regular meeting of the Hendricks School Board. Kanthak went through each of the school’s fund bal­ances with the board. He told the board that the district was in good shape with its unassigned fund balance, even without hail damage insurance that has yet to be spent.
“You have enough unassigned fund balance to cover your gen­eral fund expenditures for about 6.6 months, which is pretty healthy unassigned,” Kanthak said. “You have to remember it’s inflated because of those insur­ance proceeds. If you take those insurance proceeds out, there would still be enough fund bal­ance to cover five months or bet­ter, which is a decent unassigned fund balance.

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