This Ol’ Place Thrift Shop operates on volunteers

December 26, 2018

this ol place IMG_3515(1)
A Christmas party with potluck lunch was held Wednesday, Dec. 12 at the Hendricks Senior Center for This Ol’ Place Thrift Shop volunteers. Those attending, pictured left to right in front, are Joanne Christianson, Muriel Dorn, Caroline Peterson, James Peterson and Marlene Kjelden; in back are Julie Soderholm, Sheila Hubbard, Jan Roelofsen, Sharon Vettrus, Mary Hexem, Joan Krier, Lois Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Sally Bergjord, Gail Kvernmo and Lynn Bockelmann. Five volunteers are not pictured.

By Violet Nelson

This Ol’ Place Thrift Shoppe generates funding for items for the hospital and nursing home. It is run totally by volunteers, many on a regular commitment.
Started by the Hendricks Hospital Auxiliary in 1994, it is celebrating 24 years of service to the community. It has had three different locations, the old hospital building where the clinic now is located, the building which is now the Red Barn Theater and it’s present location on the west side of Main Street.

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