Ducks Unlimited is restoring more than 150 acres of county prairie

January 3, 2019

DU Project
Ducks unlimited is in the process of restoring a wetland area just west of Tyler along U.S. Highway 14.

By Shelly Finzen

Last week, readers were introduced to Ducks Un­limited (DU), which focus­es on the conservation and restoration of wetlands across the United States and Canada. Recently, DU began a wetlands restora­tion project just west of Tyler, along US Highway 14. The project is one of several planned for the re­gion.
According to Ducks Un­limited Biologist Kasson­dra Dumke, the area being developed west of Tyler is part of Minnesota’s Prai­rie Pothole Region (PPR). It includes two tracts of land, the 141-acre Leona Goehle Parcel and the 12-acre Henry Goehle Tract. Dumke explained that “the western half of the tract is an addition to Discors Wildlife Management Area and the East half will be an addition to Tyler Wildlife Management Area.”

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