After 30 years, a Cottonwood woman gets some answers

January 23, 2019

higgins 1980 photo 20181117_201016(2)
The night Hendricks-Astoria played Cottonwood in a 1980s football game, Bryon Higgin of Minneota, Minneota Mascot sports photographer, captured the moment Arvin Lund, sports reporter for the Cottonwood newspaper, got plowed into.

By Violet Nelson

It was Arvin Lund’s job back in the 1980s to take pictures for the Cotton­wood newspaper. Arvin, who had lost his leg when he was young, was just doing his job the night Cottonwood played foot­ball against Hendricks- Astoria.
Sometime during the game, Arvin fell to the ground, the victim of a tackle by a Hendricks-Astoria player. Moments later he came up with his prosthesis in his hand, much to the dismay of the kid who accidentally hit him. Up until his death 23 years ago, that game was still fresh on Arvid’s mind. He talked often about the game and wondered who the player was and what his reaction had been. His daughter, Karen Berg from Cottonwood, wished her dad could have met and talked to the young man..

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