Wilson reports that some county bridges will have new weight limits

February 27, 2019

commissioners DSC_0146
Lincoln County commissioners heard from Environmental Officer Robert Olsen concerning purchasing a camera for investigating tile and drainage lines. Pictured clockwise from left are Robert Olsen, County Attorney Glen Petersen, Joe Drietz, Jack Vizecky, Chair Mic VanDeVere, and Corey Sik.

By Shelly Finzen 

The Lincoln County Board of Commission­ers met for their regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Commissioner Rick Hamer was absent from the meeting.
Environmental Officer Robert Olsen spoke to the board about several top­ics. He requested that the board set the interest rate and length of time for as­sessment on the County Ditch 39 improvement. Af­ter discussion, the board set the rate at four percent over a 10-year period.

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