Ford, owner of pet retirement home and a former show dog

August 7, 2019

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Paulette Ford, owner of a pet retirement home in Hendricks, sits with her former show dog, Rogue.

By Violet Nelson

Paulette Ford operates a pet retirement home out of her home on Divi­sion Street in Hendricks. Animals placed in a pet retirement home are not adopted out but remain at the home for the dura­tion of their lives. Paulette takes in elderly dogs and cats, allowing their retire­ment to be happy with lots of love and affection until their death. She takes in pets belonging to people she knows, including a wolfhound breeder, the Marshall Pet Rescue where she is a board member, and pets that have come through the Hendricks Vet Clinic, where she used to work following her retire­ment from the medical field. Her limit is only two dogs and up to five cats.

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