Unwanted intruder creates a mess

October 30, 2019

rindel IMG_20191016_111510
Kevin Rindel stands between two broken glass doors on his East Lake Hendricks home.

By Violet Nelson

Lake home living became a reality for Kevin and Peggy Rindel in 2011 when they purchased a home on East Lake Hendricks Drive.
Located in a secluded spot at the end of a road, their home is surrounded by trees and a driveway. Their haven offers the pure simplicity and joy that is life in their Lake Hendricks home. The only sound they hear might be the waves splashing or the wind hissing through the trees.
Their beautiful split level home sits on top of a steep bank overlooking Lake Hendricks. A two-car garage is located at one end of the house and a family room with two sets of sliding glass doors at the other end. They have several outdoor buildings, piles of chopped wood, flower beds, a couple cats, and an occasional wild animal running through the yard…
Kevin was outside splitting wood Sept. 1. He saw a goat walking around, but that wasn’t unusual. Labor Day, Sept. 2, Kevin was entering his garage when he heard glass shatter…

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