Hendricks Hospital and Nursing Home welcomed trick-or-treaters

November 7, 2019

nh halloween IMG_20191031_132151
Hendricks Nursing Home residents were ready and eager to hand out candy last Thursday.

By Violet Nelson

Halloween is not just for the young, it is for the young at heart. Last week was the height of the Halloween season. Masked kids, ranging from fun to fright, were greeted at nearly every door.
Hendricks Public School children came trick-or-treating at the Hendricks Community Hospital. They stopped at the clinic, the hospital, and nursing home. Each nursing home resident was eager and willing to hand out Halloween treats to some adorable kids. They enjoyed seeing the costumed kiddos.

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nh halloween IMG_4442
Nursing Home employees Naomi Donaldson and Dee Barber were dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy.