Paulette Ford’s Wall of Honor

November 7, 2019

Ford veterans IMG_3730
Paulette Ford has created a Wall of Honor, recognizing all her family members who have served their country. Included in the group, from far right top to bottom, are her uncles Charlie Ford, Henry Ford and Ozzie Ford. On the left side, top to bottom, are her uncle Alden Ford, her father Goodwin Ford, and Goodwin’s son Peter. In the middle is her grandfather Ole Ford, and below that, the USS Grissom, the ship on which Ole served.

By Violet Nelson

Each and every person who has worn a uniform is a hero. Nov. 11, Veterans Day, is a federal holiday in the United States, hon­oring military veterans, that is, persons who have served our country.
Paulette Ford has creat­ed a Wall of Honor, recog­nizing all her family mem­bers who have served their country. What a beautiful way to acknowledge them…

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