City council approves Chad Olsen’s request to purchase old clinic building

January 30, 2020

city  clinic bldg 0125201613
At Tuesday evening’s meeting, the Hendricks City Council approved the transfer of ownership of the old clinic building on Main Street to Chad Olsen, for the purpose of lodging his workers.

By Violet Nelson

The Hendricks City Council met Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m. Mayor Julie Hogie brought the meeting to order. The minutes of the Jan. 6 meeting and the evening’s amended agenda were approved.
There was no public forum.
Shane and Ashley Citterman of Hendricks were present at the meeting. Ashley stated that she and her husband purchased the vacant Methodist Church last summer and received the keys to the building on June 10. Since then, they have turned the church into The Gathering Place. Ashley said they recognize the need to turn it from residential into commercial. It was so moved by Darren Schumacher, seconded by Nate Nuese, to hold a rezoning hearing. The hearing was open for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, it was so moved by Judy Pearson, seconded by Nuese, all in favor, to rezone the building to commercial. It was so moved by Nuses, seconded by Scott Pearson, to close the rezoning hearing.

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