Cookies for koalas

February 13, 2020

Australia 6 Image (7)
Jamie (second from left) with her sisters-in-law, mother and extended family at the cookie-making center of her mom’s home in Wabasso.

By Jeanie Ness

The massive fires in Australia have been making international news since last fall. As devastating as the fires have been to the continent, they seem so far away to many of us. It’s often easy to feel disconnected to the catastrophe on the other side of the globe.
One local family has very personal connections to the continent of Australia, and has extended family and friends living there. Our own Jamie Englestad has two sisters-in-law who have been deeply affected by the fires in Australia. Both of her sisters-in-law, Jody and Larissa, grew up on the continent down under and currently make their home in Wabasso. Jamie’s brothers, ironically, both married women from the great country of Australia.

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