Fr. Ron Huberty joins community

July 20, 2010

By Dan Kuss

Father Ron Huberty, the area’s new priest, is pictured on the streets of Lake Benton after serving Mass on Thursday morning at St. Genevieve’s Catholic Church. Father Ron will serve the Catholic community at parishes in Lake Benton, Tyler, Ivanhoe and Wilno.

Fr. Ron Huberty arrived to the area this past week to serve the Catholic parishes in Lake Benton, Tyler, Ivanhoe and Wilno, territories.

Fr. Ron comes to the Catholic community here from the Franklin, Fairfax, Gibbon and Winthrop areas along the Highway 19 corridor, after seven years of service to those communities.

“I’ve been a Priest for 20 years,” said Fr. Huberty. “I have experience working with multiple parishes and that’s why the Diocese sent me here.”

Fr. Huberty had spent the previous 13 years serving in Marshall, New Ulm and the Murdock-Benson cluster prior to his last assignment.

“Though the distance between towns is farther out here with a bigger territory and more driving, I look forward to finding a way to bring all of these communities together in the spirit of honoring and celebrating what they are already doing,” said Fr. Huberty. “Bringing the four communities together is a challenge, but gives us more opportunities to share resources.”

Fr. Huberty is currently moving into his home, the rectory in Ivanhoe, and dealing with all of the things moving and getting set up entails. Fr. Huberty has already experienced a busy schedule in the area as he attended the Mass for Fr. Wiering in Tyler on July 3, and the festival in Wilno on the Fourth of July, in addition to serving Mass in each community since then.

Fr. Huberty is originally from Watkins, Minn., and comes from a family of four brothers and no sisters. He is the second oldest of five boys.

He attended St. Thomas University in St. Paul from 1982 to 1986 and graduated from that institution. He then attended the seminary at St. Vianney from 1986 to 1990, next to the College of St. Thomas.

“It’s exciting to be coming to these new parishes,” said Fr. Huberty. “I look forward to being here, serving and working with the people of this area.”

Fr. Ron enjoys the lakes, fishing and golf in addition to cheering on the Minnesota Vikings and Twins in his fun time. He looks forward to becoming involved in school activities and maybe helping out as a referee in some games in the area.

“Visiting coaches get a kick out of yelling at the ref, knowing it’s a Priest sometimes,” said Fr. Huberty. “I don’t mind because it’s part of the game.”

Fr. Ron has experienced some friendly meetings and coffee with people in Lake Benton’s St. Genevieve’s Catholic Church and the surrounding area since he has been here.

“Now, I’ve got to remember 1,673 names, which is the number of parishioners on the roster in the four churches I’ll be serving,” said Fr. Huberty.