Off-sale liquor license request denied by the City of Lake Benton

October 4, 2017

city council DSC_0004[1]
Guy and Renee Pribyl appeared before the City Council to request an off-sale liquor license.

By Shelly Finzen

Guy and Renee Pribyl, owners of Becker’s Resort, appeared before the city council on Monday to request an off-sale liquor license. According to Renee Pribyl, she was told by the liquor commissioner that the city can change previous agreements “anytime they want to.” However, that is not the case, according to legal counsel Mike Cable. In accordance with the terms of a contract between the City of Lake Benton and the owners of the Lake Benton Bar, the city cannot grant a new off-sale liquor license to anyone until after the terms of the current contract with the Lake Benton Bar have ended…

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