Lions Club will sponsor Kelley Selken at next Breakfast Benefit

January 4, 2018

selken DSC_0051
Kelly Selken was diagnosed with Stage II bladder cancer this past August. He will be given the proceeds from the Jan. 7 Lions Club Breakfast Benefit.

By Shelly Finzen

“Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.” This is the motto of the Lions of Multiple District 5 (MD5M), which includes the Lake Benton Lions Club. According to the MD5M website, “The Lions of Multiple District MD5M number some 21,881 strong, organized into 673 Clubs in 12 Districts located in Minnesota, Manitoba, and Northwest Ontario. We proudly serve our communities and the world in a multitude of ways.” Locally, the Lions often step up to help community members facing serious illnesses.
Recently the Lake Benton Lions Club announced that Kelly Selken  will be the next beneficiary of the proceeds from the monthly Lions Club Breakfast…

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