Lake Benton Grocery rebrands for a sustainable Lake Benton

March 8, 2018

lb groc DSC_0063
Lake Benton Grocery will feature the Supervalu line of private label products. Tami Trigg, co-owner, shared the reasons behind their decision with the Lake Benton Valley Journal.

By Shelly Finzen

Five years ago, the City of Lake Benton was faced with a potential crisis—their local grocery store closing for good. Al and Tami Trigg stepped up and purchased the business to keep a grocery store in town, but at the time, they did not realize how foundational the grocery store was to the community. Since then, the Triggs have learned just how important a local market is to a small town and, according to Tami, they make decisions for sustainability.

For the full story, read this week’s Lake Benton Valley Journal.