Curly-leaf pondweed: Lake Benton’s growing weed invasion

July 5, 2018

curly leaf DSC_0062
There is great concern over the growing infestation of Curly-leaf pondweed in Lake Benton Lake.

By Shelly Finzen

During 2017, thistles and noxious weeds seemed to be a great concern for Lake Benton citizens. This year, a weed problem of a different type is concerning area residents. Curly-leaf pondweed is not-so-slowly infesting Lake Benton Lake. If not treated appropriately, the weed could have lasting effects, potentially damage local commerce and property values for the area.
According to Lincoln County Environmental Officer Robert Olsen, “Lake Benton Lake has a significant problem with curly-leaf pondweed (CLP).” Although it does not cover the entire lakebed, Olsen said that it has reached infestation levels similar to those seen in the early 2000s…

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