To plow or not to plow; that is the question

February 14, 2019

snow piles 20190206_104834
The piles of snow keep growing as Mother Nature continues to dump the white stuff across the region.

By Shelly Finzen

With the white stuff falling so frequently, many Lincoln Coun­ty residents are left wondering where the snowplows are. Rest assured, according to Lincoln County Engineer Joe Wilson, they are out there, in well below ideal conditions, doing their best to make road conditions conducive to travel.
In a recent interview Wilson ex­plained that the decision to plow or not to plow is generally made by Lincoln County’s Maintenance Superintendent. “He has been part of the staff since 1996 and has been in that position since 2011,” Wilson said. The decision is made to plow or treat road surfac­es when “the roads are icy, there are two inches or more of snow or there is drifting.”…

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