I remember those days of some 40 years ago

July 13, 2012

It was always very hot and dry some 40 years ago. Larry Mechtenberg, Ray Riley, Ron Jacobson and I would golf at least 27 holes of golf in the summer time, probably three times a week. I was the only single guy in the group. I think Mechten­berg was married, but he acted single most of the time. There were no wa­ter holes on the course to lose any balls. We could hit the ball much further then for a couple of reasons. We were much younger 40 years ago. But the main reason was because the fairways and roughs were quite hard because of the lack of rain. There was no watering system. Yes, I got into trouble some of the times for keeping the married guys out too late. It was usually Mechten­berg’s fault. Oh, one more thing. We walked all the time. This was the time be­fore golf carts.

You might wonder why I am telling you this story. First of all, our golf course has changed the most of any course in our area by a long shot in the past 40 years. We have many people to thank. Allen Lund and Wally Chris­tensen would have to be the primary people for our drastic changes, all for the good. There are too many other people who put in many hours of work to mention them all.

Yes, there are still some young golfers trying to golf as many holes as possible in the heat of the day. Of course, these are golfers who don’t have anything better to do in the sum­mer time. Naturally, these would be school teachers.

Darin Dahle, who just turned 41, golfed 65 holes on Friday, June 29 and followed that up with 27 holes the following Satur­day. Now, you might not remember those two days. It was very hot and dry. Of course, he did use a riding cart for all of those holes.

On Saturday evening someone asked Darin, who is single, the question, “why don’t you golf a little less and find yourself a nice young girl (woman)?” Darin replied. “Well I sit home by myself almost ev­ery evening with the TV on and no one comes a knock­ing.”

I realize this column probably is not “an on line dating service,” but girls (women) out there, it sounds like all you have to do is come a knocking. You might have to be a bit interested in the game of golf.

Speaking of Mr. Dahle, Kelly Knudsen and Darin collected enough points in league last week to tie for the lead with the Mira­nowski-Roger Isenberg twosome. Both teams have 10.5 points. Kelly Skogrand and Aaron Gravley, along with the Novak-Soehl team, have 10 points. You might wonder about the defending champs. They have come alive after a rather slow start. Borres­en-Dressen were perfect the last three weeks, col­lecting three points each week to move upward in the standings.

Another hole-in-one was recorded on July 2. Cliff Rogge aced hole 8 with an eight iron from 162 yards Witnesses were Adrian and Carol Rogge. I don’t think I know Cliff, but any ace is worth mentioning. Great shot, Cliff!

The Aebleskiver Tourna­ment is not that far away. You need to be at the club­house by 9 a.m. to get your­self signed in properly. Yes, the fees have already been paid, but other items need to be taken care of before tee-off at 10 a.m. This tour­nament needs to start on time because many of the golfers have other obliga­tions later in the day. Until the next time, have a good time! And single ladies out there, good luck on your search for gold.