The ultimate fixer-upper

December 28, 2016

David Burbridge helping put a new face on the Car Corral building on Tyler Street earlier this year.

By Mark Wilmes

David Burbridge’s story is a remarkable one. It is a story with more twists and turns than the most unpredictable Hollywood movie.
He was born in 1969 in Los Angeles, California to an airline pilot and a hairdresser. His dad’s claim to fame was his duty as the great entertainer Ray Charles’ pilot in his younger years. That was before he switched professions and started a metal fabrication company. Young David learned the first of his many career paths from his father, learning to weld. He worked in the family business for many years. In 1998 he moved to Mandan, North Dakota. After a short return to California he ended up back in North Dakota where he married and adopted his new wife’s children. They even had one of their own.
He spent a couple of years working for an electrical company and another couple working for the local Applebee’s. His wife was a nurse, and he admired the opportunity in her profession to help others. He ended up pursuing yet another career when he passed his Certified Nursing Assistant test and became a full-fledged CNA in Glen Ullin, North Dakota. It is at this point where the story takes its first unexpected twist, and Burbridge found himself at the low point of his life.

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