RTR School Board meets with attorney, BMS mediator last week

June 1, 2017

Clockwise from top left: Pemberton Law Attorney Kristi Hastings, RTR School Board members Tony Dybdahl, Peggy Dunblazier, Craig Hess, Troy Chandler, Superintendent Dick Orcutt, and Board Chair Jeff Hansen. Present but not pictured were board members Terry Gordon and Pat O’Toole.

Special meeting scheduled for June 1

By Mark Wilmes

The RTR School Board held a special meeting at the Lincoln County Courthouse in Ivanhoe on Thursday morning for the purpose of mediation on the current joint powers agreement with Lynd and Hendricks. The meeting was opened in a jury room on the third floor of the courthouse, with all board members, Superintendent Dick Orcutt and Attorney Kristi Hastings of Pemberton Law Office in attendance.

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