RTR board approves settlement with SWEC

June 9, 2017

The RTR Board met in special session on Thursday morning. From left: Board members Craig Hess, Troy Chandler, Tony Dybdahl, Chair Jeff Hansen, Superintendent Dick Orcutt and board members Peggy Dunblazier, Pat O’Toole and Terry Gordon.

In a news release from the RTR School District last week, officials announced that on June 1, 2017 the Board of Education of Russell-Tyler-Ruthton (RTR) Public Schools unanimously ap­proved a settlement agreement with the Southwest Education Cooperative (SWEC) allowing RTR to immediately withdraw from SWEC. The agreement in­cludes a full and final release of RTR from any financial ob­ligations to SWEC as of May 25, 2017…

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Members of the SWEC board met in special session Monday evening in Lynd. Pictured clockwise from left are RTR board members Peggy Dunblazier and Craig Hess, Hendricks board member Tom Olson, Superintendent Bruce Houck, Lynd board member Mike Pochardt, Business Manager Mary Swensen and Lynd board member Michelle Williams.