Building inspections paint bleak picture

June 22, 2017

RTR board members, City Attorney Glen Petersen and incoming interim superintendent Lee Warne toured the 1903 building last Wednesday. To see more photos of the building, go to

By Mark Wilmes

The RTR School Board held a work session meeting on Wednesday, June 14 to discuss the results of reports on inspec­tions of the 1903 and 1918 build­ings on the high school grounds and results of the roof inspec­tions at all three locations. Head Custodian Jerry Stefanick led a group of officials and school board members on a tour of the 1903 building and the basement of the 1918 building before the meeting. The 1903 building is no longer used, while the 1918 building houses the district of­fice, bookkeeping office and caf­eteria as well as classrooms and storage.
On hand to discuss the find­ings was architect Jim Wilson of Wendel Companies. Wilson was the lead architect preparing the proposal on the failed bond.

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