County will not be turning over roads to the townships at this time

July 27, 2017

commissioners IMG_2655
Several Lincoln County Township Supervisors were on hand at the July 18 meeting of the Lincoln County Commissioners to oppose a plan put forth to turn several miles of county roads over to the townships.

By Tammy Mathison

Several Lincoln County township supervisors were on hand at the Tues­day, July 18 meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to object to the proposal to turn about 50 miles of county roads back to the town­ships.
Lincoln County Engi­neer Dave Halbersma had sent a letter in early July asking the townships of their opinions of the plan to turn the roads back to the townships. The plan would save the county money by spending fewer man-hours on mainte­nance of those roads, and, once a highway depart­ment employee retired, to not replace that person.

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