LCEDC asks county commissioners for increase in their 2018 budget

August 23, 2017

commissioners IMG_2976
Vince Robinson and John Engels, representing the Lincoln County Enterprise Development Corporation (LCEDC), spoke to the Lincoln County Commissioners last Tuesday providing an update on LCEDC activities and presenting their 2018 budget request.

By Tammy Mathison 
hendrickspioneer@gmail. com

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners heard from Vince Rob­inson and John Engels, representing the Lincoln County Enterprise De­velopment Corporation (LCEDC). They reviewed the projects and services provided by the LCEDC and their importance, and where staff time is spent. Robinson presented the 2018 budget request of $58,000. Last year’s bud­get request was $52,000, but the board kept the amount appropriation at $45,000. Robinson and Engels explained that the LCEDC’s reserves are de­pleted, and they would like the Board of Commission­ers to consider appropriat­ing the requested amount. The Board of Commission­ers is currently reviewing the budget for 2018, and took the request under consideration.
Robinson requested the approval of the submission of the Hole-in-the-Moun­tain Master Plan, which was approved by unani­mous consent.

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