Joe Wilson appointed County Highway Engineer

October 12, 2017

commissioners IMG_4139
Joe Wilson (right) was appointed Lincoln County Highway Engineer by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners. He is pictured with Dustin Hauschild, who, along with Wilson, represented the Highway Department at the Oct. 3 meeting.

By Tammy Mathison

The Lincoln County Board of Commissioners appointed Joe Wilson as the County Highway Engineer at their Tuesday, Oct. 3 meeting.
The possibility of appointing Wilson, who is replacing Dave Halbersma in the position, was brought forth last month by Halbersma, whose services Lincoln County has been sharing with Pipestone County. Halbersma had suggested appointing Wilson to the position now versus in May, as Halbersma felt Wilson is ready to take over the position. Halbersma had reminded the Lincoln County Board that the original plan was to have their own highway engineer, and that for the past few years Wilson had been working to complete his degree.

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