Fun with Bingo daubers…

November 9, 2017

Pictured at the annual holiday office party for Buffalo Ridge News with Bingo daubers in hand were (clockwise from left) Carol Kopel, Tribute Sports Writer Jim Kopel, Publishers Pam and Chuck Hunt, Michael Nelson, Pioneer Feature Writer Violet Nelson, Pioneer Ad Salesperson Bonnie Christianson, Dennis Christianson, Valley Journal Office Manager Nancy Mulder, Joe Mulder, Ivan Finzen, Valley Journal News Editor Shelly Finzen, Tribute Office Manager Michelle Breems (attempting to hide), BRN Advertising Manager Amber Casperson, Kathy Wilmes. Not pictured: Pioneer News Editor Tammy Mathison, BRN Photo Editor Sandy Hanson, BRN Managing Editor Mark Wilmes, BRN Billing Manager Diana Mertens.