RTR to drop participation in FLY

December 28, 2017

Interim Superintendent Lee Warne presented plaques to Pat O’Toole (left) and Terry Gordon for their years of service on the RTR Board of Directors.

By Mark Wilmes

Big changes will be coming to the RTR School District for the 2018-19 school year. Af­ter years of participating in the Flexible Learning Year (FLY), the school board voted to opt out of the program. RTR schools par­ticipated in FLY as part of a joint venture with the Hendricks and Lynd school districts, allowing a pre-Labor Day start to the school year. With the dissolution of the SWEC joint powers agreement with the two districts, RTR was out of compliance allowing them to participate in FLY. Interim Su­perintendent Lee Warne said the Department of Education indi­cated it would allow the district to remain in FLY if it desired to do so, or to go back to a Septem­ber start used by most districts in the state.

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