RTR 6th grader completes Avera project

January 4, 2018

Kai Drake was able to do $500 worth of shopping for the Avera Children’s Ward in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with donations from the FCCLA project he began in November.

By Mark Wilmes

Back in November, the Tribute ran a story about Kai Drake, a 6th grader at RTR Middle School, who was doing an FCCLA project to collect donations for the Avera Children’s Ward in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Kai’s motive behind the project was to pay back to the regional emergency services facility for the care his brother Juhl received after an accident seven years ago. Kai is the son of Cade and Amanda Drake of Tyler.
“As a family, we saw the need for support to the Children’s Ward treasure chest, library, and group play room,” he said in November. “When visiting my brother, I was able to read books and play with games that had been donated to the Children’s Ward by others…

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