DU land purchases near Tyler and Lake Benton

January 25, 2018

commissioners IMG_5764
Lincoln County Parks Manager Daryl Schlapkohl points out the area of Norwegian Creek for which an ag easement has been requested.

By Tammy Mathison 
hendrickspioneer @gmail.com

Jon Schneider, manager of the Minnesota Conserva­tion Program, was on hand at the Jan. 16 meeting of the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners to dis­cuss the planned purchase of three parcels of land in Lincoln County by Ducks Unlimited. The first parcel is 141.28 acres of cropland in Sections 4 and 5 in Hope Township just west of Ty­ler. According to informa­tion provided, “the plan is to purchase the land in February and donate it to the Minnesota Depart­ment of Natural Resources (DNR) for inclusion in the Tyler and Discors State Wildlife Management Ar­eas (WMA).” Schneider said the land would be restored to wetlands and native prairie grasslands to provide wildlife habitat and public recreation op­portunities such as hunt­ing.

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