County will install security cameras in the jail, courthouse

September 26, 2018

commissioners DSC_0019
County Maintenance Manager Bob Verschelde presented quotes to build a 32×48-foot building in Ivanhoe. The commissioners approved the project.

By Shelly Finzen

The Lincoln County Commissioners met for their regular meeting on Sept. 18. Commissioner Rick Hamer was absent from the meeting, due to car problems.
Jail Administrator/Civil Process Robin Sik and Sheriff Chad Meester presented a quote for adding additional security cameras to the courthouse. It was proposed by Scott’s Electronics that the county begin with installing six cameras in the courthouse at a cost of $3,577, including installation. One concern about the project brought up was that the courthouse is an historical building. Sik reported that she had spoken to the installer about that concern and he would use the wires that were already running through the hallways, protecting the historical integrity of the building.

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