City council talks police reports

October 11, 2018

Pictured from left to right are City Attorney Glen Petersen, City Administrator Robert Wolfington, Mayor Greg Peter, and Councilpersons Erick Harper, Scott Dressen, Kenny Jensen and Tim Sanderson.

By Mark Wilmes

Police Chief John Spindler spoke with the Tyler City Council about the issue of police reports at Monday’s rescheduled regular monthly meeting. Spindler addressed the aftermath of comments made at last month’s meeting about the lack of a printed police report for council members at the monthly meetings.
“I gave you guys an example of what I used to do in reports,” Spindler began. “If you read the paper on a weekly basis, the dispatchers put in more of a detailed report of everything that happens in the county. It’s all there, regardless of whether I give you a report or not, it’s there.”

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