Minnesota Governor Tim Walz holds meet and greet in Ivanhoe

January 23, 2019

From left to right— Val Whipple, Lynn Whipple, Governor Tim Walz and Polly and Terry Dressen of Tyler pose for a photo on Sunday. Polly is a cousin of Val Whipple, father-in-law of the governor.

By Mark Wilmes

Governor Tim Walz paid a visit to wife Gwen’s hometown over the weekend for the dual purpose of celebrating his mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and holding a meet and greet at the Highway 19 & 75 Café Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Walz’s parents are Val and Lynn Whipple of Ivanhoe. Walz spoke briefly to those in attendance, starting with a story on how he ended up marrying an Ivanhoe native.
“For those of you who didn’t know the connection, my wife Gwen Whipple was teaching school in Alliance, Nebraska,” Walz explained. “I had been with the first group of American high school teachers who were teaching in Chinese public schools.”

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