Final curtain falls for RTR One-Acts

February 21, 2019

The cast of “102” during Friday evening’s performance. From left— Emily Kern, Dajza Gilmore, Madison Witte, Cari Baune, Chloe Carlson, Julia Nilles, Amber Bakker, Sara Peterson, Luke Johnson, Graham Petersen, Kiley Griesse, Emma Gunnare, Garret Riesdorfer, Caleb Witte, Alex Duus and Andrea Escher.

From left— Emma Gunnare, Emily Kern and Madison Witte during Friday’s performance of “Maniac Mansion.” Three one-act plays were performed for the public over the weekend.

From left— Alex Duus, Andrea Escher and Graham Petersen were among the cast of “Dinner and a Swashbuckling.”