Cong. Peterson discusses the future of agriculture

June 6, 2019

Rep Peterson IMG959281
Congressman Collin Peterson addressing area farmers at last week’s event in Marshall.

By Lacey Barke 
Contributing Writer

Tensions are build­ing, farms are closing and prices are rising. Time is running out for farmers nationwide, as they are faced with tough deci­sions brought on by even tougher weather and for­eign trade. At Congress­man Collin Peterson’s May 31 town hall meeting in Marshall, he attempted to explain how United States agriculture got to where it is now and what Midwest farmers should expect moving forward.
“I know you are all want­ing the specifics of what’s going on here so you can make your decisions and unfortunately I’m prob­ably going to disappoint you,” the current head of the Agriculture Committee said. “I’m not going to be able to tell you exactly but I can give you some indica­tion of where I think this is heading.”

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