Hypnotist show draws a big crowd at the County Fair

August 7, 2019

fair DSC_0463
Patricia Lindeman was one of the volunteers for Friday evening’s Dream Weaver Comedic Hypnotist show. Among other things, Lindeman drove her dream sports car and milked a tiny cow while under hypnosis.

By Shelly Finzen 

The 2019 Lincoln Coun­ty Fair ended Sunday, Aug. 4. On Friday, Aug. 2, Ran­dy Buker from Alexan­dria presented his Dream Weaver Comedy Hypnosis show. Before the end of the show, not only were the seats of the Outdoor Free Stage filled, the area around the stage was full of spectators as well.
Buker has been working in the field of hypnosis for more than 10 years. He became certified as a clin­ical hypnotist in 2008. He said that he began train­ing for his shows the fol­lowing year, with his first comedy show in 2009. Buker worked as a clinical hypnotist and continued in that field until March of 2018.

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