Construction on the horizon for new RTR school

August 22, 2019

The architect’s rendering of the northeast and southeast views of the future RTR Public School building.

By Mark Wilmes

Bids were opened last week for the new RTR School building by the district. Superintendent David Marlette said that the road forward is looking even better than expected.
“The number one great thing is that we had gone into this looking at a 4% interest rate on our bonds,” Marlette said. “That actually ended up being at 2.55%. That is going to save over $6 million over the 20-year life of the loan. That will amount to about a $300-350,000 lower annual payment.”
In addition, the Minnesota Legislature has set a 50% Ag2School credit for ag land for the coming year that will increase to 60% and then 70% the ensuing years.
“That is already set by the state,” Marlette said. “That is on all the ag land in our district, and we know that amounts to about 85% of our land. That’s a huge saving for our farmers over the next 20 years.”…

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